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Evo’s Dawn. It in itself wasn’t an event that devastated us. No, that day most of us hardly noticed the difference. It wasn’t till our children started to display extraordinary gifts that we had to find a reason. But people were not so willing to accept those who were different. Our homes were ransacked, our children were taken, and our lives were all flipped on their heads.

Children of Evo’s Dawn only have one place to go, the schools of Shadowside. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of an oppressive and ignorant world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school, housing the new generation of Evo’s, Magi, and technical protégés. Here at Shadowside, the new generation, may be the only guiding light for the new world.

● Super Powered Boarding School set in Japan

● PG-13 rating, mature threads are allowed if marked

● Year 2014, seven years after Evo's Dawn

● Unlimited possibilities. We'll work together to make your ideas happen.

● Writing Level: Advanced Lit. And we highly support world building.

● Species: Super Humans (Evos), Magic users, Technology Users, Common Folklore, Custom Races

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